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Guten Morgen! It's been a long time since I updated my blog. I've been busy and distracted by other things. LOL. Okay so, this post is about SJORS event, BELAJAR BERSAMA SJORS.

What is Sjors and who's the founder? well, here it is...


The Belajar Bersama Sjors Foundation is founded by two friends Georges Hilaul and Jenny Tjoa. Georges, who is born and raised in the Netherlands and worked as an entrepreneur, teacher and magician, moved to Indonesia after seeing the poor condition of many underprivileged children in his father’s home country and decided that he wanted to do something about this. Jenny, also an entrepreneur grew up witnessing the poverty in her country. After living many years abroad, she too decided to move back to Indonesia and support a cause. A short acquaintance between them grew into friendship sharing the similar dream to help as many unfortunate kids as possible around the world. Georges and Jenny then embarked on their journey using their skills and experiences to create programs which would help them realise their dream. A year later, The Belajar Bersama Sjors Foundation was born. (Copied from the Sjors website, http://www.supportsjors.nl/)

with Georges and Jenny


The event I joined on Sunday, 16th August 2015 was the Season Opening and Sjors first anniversary, which located in Jembatan Tiga. I had my first experience of teaching underprivileged kids with other volunteers. There are a lot of volunteers (I lost count or didn't count at all :D) and the kids are from class 1 to 7, also Matahari Class and Bintang Class (Bintang Class is for kids who lives on the other side of the bridge), the total of the kids on a class can reach 30ish, so approximately about 200 kids attended the event. The classes located at futsal Field under the Bridge at Jembatan tiga, outdoor classes.

The entrance to Classes Area
Here are the pictures of the event. 

Class 2 - One of the classes
Welcome Banner (Photo Credit : Team Sjors)

Class 3 - Great kids! :D

The theme for the lesson was to have a dream. Team Sjors encouraged these kids to have dreams, to have purpose in life. It was my favorite theme, I believe that human can live their life fully if they have purpose and dreams. Personally, I have my own tattoos Somniare in Latin which means Dreaming, to remind me to never stop dreaming and to reach it. And honestly, I was quite surprised that these kids already know what they want to be, like doctors, police and teacher, despite their living condition which I believed are harder than most of us, they have the courage to dream. That day, the kids taught me something. They are amazing kids! 

Before the class began, we made a big circle first and sang Indonesia Raya since the next day is Indonesia Independence Day. Afterwards, the class begin with checking the absent book and explain to them about dream and what they have to write on the book given by Team Sjors, produced by Orca. They have to write their names and their birth date, I'm quite surprised that some of them didn't know their birth date. They also have to write details about them. The kids can write and read already, well, I got the class 3, they are about 9 years old. 

After they done writing on the book, we gave them a paper with cloud image. The kids have to write their names and dreams on the cloud, also draw the pictures of their dreams and colored it. Then we took them to photobooth and give them their photos with the clouds, so that whenever they see the picture, they will remember their dreams (same concept as my tattoo, LOL). 

Then, they write their names and dreams again on the banner. Here's the picture. 

one of the kids writing on the dream cloud (Photo Credit : Team Sjors)

The kids write their names and Dreams on the Dream Banner

Photobooth (Photo Credit : Team Sjors)

Overall, for my first experience teaching the kids, it was amazing, and quite different from the time when I was a kindergarten teacher for Catholic School. One thing for sure, it's not an easy job to be a teacher for underprivileged kids, with the outdoor situation (although I prefer Outdoor to Indoor actually), hats off for the regular teachers! They are amazing people with big hearts. Also, another big applause (or encore? :D) for Team Sjors and the founder, Georges and Jenny. 

One more thing, Sjors actually have reguler classes every week on Sunday at 10 am. So, if you guys interested in volunteering, you can check their website or just go there on Sunday. 

Website : http://www.supportsjors.nl
Facebook : Project Van Sjors
email :  info@bbs.or.id

The Volunteers with Team Sjors

Everyone altogether!

Auf Wiederhesen! :D

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