Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday, 6 august 2012

toast with corned beef  and sausages and ice tea
morning!!! Nowadays, I cook my own breakfast or sometimes supper, I really like toast with butter, egg (scrambled or half fried) with sausages or sometimes with burger meat for breakfast and fried rice with corned beef, eggs, and sausages for supper or daily meal... or sometimes when I want a snack, I cook cheese macaroni <3 ^__^

toast with half fried egg, sausages and french fries


I had cooked for my father too, fried rice with corned beef, sausages and eggs. Well, cooking for another person seems different from cooking for our self, it just have to be more perfect than if it's just for me. Like a challenge or something, but I do like it, makes cooking more interesting actually. ^^ And I just can't wait to try to cook another cooking!!!

byeyeom <3 :*
fried rice with half fried egg, sausages and corned beef

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