Monday, August 6, 2012


Right after the tattoo was done 
I had my first tattoo may 3rd 2012 at Kemang. The tattoo is Ma mere et pere sont le coeur qui me garde la vie which means My mother and father are the hearts that keeps me life. I think it my first and last tattoo, it did hurt and I don't think I'd go through that pain one more time.

I decided to have a tattoo about my mother and father because after the accident, I thought about each times on my life, how when things weren't good and I had some terrible experience, like the one when my dog bite my face, I couldn't got up again if it wasn't because my mother and father stood by me, and I know somehow  they will stand by me whatever happens. I love them so much, and I want that kind of feeling stuck on me forever so that maybe at times when I forget, I look at my tattoo and remember how's that feeling.

Kim Hyun A 

Anyway, the tattoo also was inspired by my idol Kim Hyun a, she's one of the member of K-pop girlband called 4minute. She's kinda my role model.

Kim Hyun a 
she can be cute and sexy on the stage, and off the stage she's totally different. She's also a great dancer and rapper. She has so many fans and haters, but I don't care. I think she's a great artist. :D

byeyeom :3

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