Monday, August 13, 2012

no smoking in public area, please

I'm really bothered by people who smoke in public area, especially in public transportation. That's just outlaw and annoying for non-smokers. The smell goes to our hair, body and clothes and also it's worse for non smokers to inhale the smoke from the smokers. I really have no idea why nowadays people still smoke everywhere they want. And also there is also a law that forbid people to smoke in public area but the law here in Indonesia is weak, so it doesn't really work.

Therefore as the same citizen of this country, Indonesia, please stop smoking in the public area. Do concern about your surrounding and environment, not about what you addicted about. Byeyom ^^


  1. yaa semoga aja undang2 tembakau direvisi lagi..supaya hak-hak orang yang tidak merokok dilindungi

  2. udah ada larangan merokok di tpt umum kan, tp ttp aja byk yang melanggar, susah disini kebanyakan ga peduli peraturan