Monday, August 6, 2012

hello, blogging :)

my first tattoo 

hello :) this is my first blog that I've written. well let's start by name, my name is Pingkan Christantina, Elizabeth is my baptism name and everybody calls me Pingkan or sometimes ping. I was born in Jakarta, June 8th, 1989. I have a lovely mom and dad and also a 1 year younger brother named Powen. I lived once in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta and went to St. Yakobus elementary school until 4th grade and then we moved to Bogor, my mother's hometown, because of the riot in Jakarta that time. So I went to Budi Mulia and it lasted until I graduated from high school. I was into modern dance, ballet, swimming, basketball, sports, and cheerleading that time. I was a head cheerleader of BMC in my high school days. And then I went to university in Jakarta, Binus University, major in English Literature. I was accepted in several college that time, Trisakti (without test), UI (spmb), atmajaya and Binus. And I chose Binus because I wanted to try something new, new routines, new experiences, one of them was joining STAMANARA, dance community in Binus University, which now becomes my second family. Well, sometimes I did curious of that UI thing, I might have a different life, a totally different one, I just wondered how would my life be. Anyway, I did not regret my choices, because somehow I learned many things in good and bad things. I should be graduated in 2011 but I didn't and will do my thesis next semester, because I was too busy with my activities, I really love dancing that time, and I would choose dancing than any other things, included my friends and my family. That's the only thing I regret, ever, I grew apart from my family, my friends, everything, it's like I lived in bubbles, just me and my activities, I used to have activities (dancing of course, whether it's practice or show) from morning until 12 pm. That time, I really thought that 24 hours was not enough, I need another hour! but then, an accident came up, motorcycle accident, I couldn't walked for a month, got a lot stitches on my thigh, that was when I realize that I need to pay attention to other people, especially people who cared, like my family and some friends, I also find out who's gonna be there when I went down and it was amazing. That accident somehow changed me into what I am today, I don't bite my nails anymore, cleaner, still love dancing, have a spare time to read, I don't do morning till 12 pm anymore and now big surprise, I LOVE COOKING! didn't know I would ever like it. and also I really do like korean music, movies and series, later will talk about that.
me with my mother <3 

Well I think this is it! this is my first writing and just for introducing (a little big long ^___^) later, I'll use this blog to speak my mind, there are, like a THOUSAND or maybe million things or issue I would like to share. byeyeom ^^