Monday, August 13, 2012

no smoking in public area, please

I'm really bothered by people who smoke in public area, especially in public transportation. That's just outlaw and annoying for non-smokers. The smell goes to our hair, body and clothes and also it's worse for non smokers to inhale the smoke from the smokers. I really have no idea why nowadays people still smoke everywhere they want. And also there is also a law that forbid people to smoke in public area but the law here in Indonesia is weak, so it doesn't really work.

Therefore as the same citizen of this country, Indonesia, please stop smoking in the public area. Do concern about your surrounding and environment, not about what you addicted about. Byeyom ^^

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Elizabeth is my baptism name, given by my mother. Sometimes, some people would think that this Elizabeth is the mother of John, but my name is not from that Elizabeth. 
medal of saint Elizabeth
Elizabeth is from saint Elizabeth, princess of Hungary. Elizabeth was the daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary and Gertrude of MeraniaIn 1221, at the age of fourteen, Elizabeth married Louis, rulers of Thuringia in central Germany. 
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miracle of bread turn into roses
Elizabeth is perhaps best known for the legend which says that whilst she was taking bread to the poor in secret, her husband asked her what was in the pouch; Elizabeth opened it and the bread turned into roses. How realistic this story is remains doubtful, since her husband, according to the vitae, was never troubled by her charity and in fact supported it. In some versions of the story, it is her brother in law, Heinrich Raspe, who questions her. The miracle, the earliest example of what came to be called the Miracle of the roses, is commemorated in many images of the saints—prayer cards, statues, paintings. One famous statue is in Budapest, in front of the neo-Gothic church dedicated to her at Roses' Square (Rózsák tere). 

Monday, August 6, 2012




STAMANARA 2011 with coach ka kukuh
Stamanara is a dance community and organization in Binus University, Jakarta. I joined Stamanara since 2007. Since then, Stamanara is my second family. There, I learned almost everything, I learn how to work in organization, I have responsibility and also I felt friendship, this is the best part. And Stamanara also played a big part on my dancing life, from Stamanara I learn how to be a good dancer, from technic and attitude. I had dancing teams from each year audition. First year was BIS (Bring It stam), it was a hip hop group, second year still in BIS, but this one is ladies group. Third and forth year, I got into Stamanara team. Each team taught me lessons in different types and kinds. I think I'm lucky to be a part of that community, really. :)
BIS 2008
BIS 2007

  Here is a video of Stamanara 2011.. Enjoy!! ^^

Monday, 6 august 2012

toast with corned beef  and sausages and ice tea
morning!!! Nowadays, I cook my own breakfast or sometimes supper, I really like toast with butter, egg (scrambled or half fried) with sausages or sometimes with burger meat for breakfast and fried rice with corned beef, eggs, and sausages for supper or daily meal... or sometimes when I want a snack, I cook cheese macaroni <3 ^__^

toast with half fried egg, sausages and french fries


I had cooked for my father too, fried rice with corned beef, sausages and eggs. Well, cooking for another person seems different from cooking for our self, it just have to be more perfect than if it's just for me. Like a challenge or something, but I do like it, makes cooking more interesting actually. ^^ And I just can't wait to try to cook another cooking!!!

byeyeom <3 :*
fried rice with half fried egg, sausages and corned beef


Right after the tattoo was done 
I had my first tattoo may 3rd 2012 at Kemang. The tattoo is Ma mere et pere sont le coeur qui me garde la vie which means My mother and father are the hearts that keeps me life. I think it my first and last tattoo, it did hurt and I don't think I'd go through that pain one more time.

I decided to have a tattoo about my mother and father because after the accident, I thought about each times on my life, how when things weren't good and I had some terrible experience, like the one when my dog bite my face, I couldn't got up again if it wasn't because my mother and father stood by me, and I know somehow  they will stand by me whatever happens. I love them so much, and I want that kind of feeling stuck on me forever so that maybe at times when I forget, I look at my tattoo and remember how's that feeling.

Kim Hyun A 

Anyway, the tattoo also was inspired by my idol Kim Hyun a, she's one of the member of K-pop girlband called 4minute. She's kinda my role model.

Kim Hyun a 
she can be cute and sexy on the stage, and off the stage she's totally different. She's also a great dancer and rapper. She has so many fans and haters, but I don't care. I think she's a great artist. :D

byeyeom :3

hello, blogging :)

my first tattoo 

hello :) this is my first blog that I've written. well let's start by name, my name is Pingkan Christantina, Elizabeth is my baptism name and everybody calls me Pingkan or sometimes ping. I was born in Jakarta, June 8th, 1989. I have a lovely mom and dad and also a 1 year younger brother named Powen. I lived once in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta and went to St. Yakobus elementary school until 4th grade and then we moved to Bogor, my mother's hometown, because of the riot in Jakarta that time. So I went to Budi Mulia and it lasted until I graduated from high school. I was into modern dance, ballet, swimming, basketball, sports, and cheerleading that time. I was a head cheerleader of BMC in my high school days. And then I went to university in Jakarta, Binus University, major in English Literature. I was accepted in several college that time, Trisakti (without test), UI (spmb), atmajaya and Binus. And I chose Binus because I wanted to try something new, new routines, new experiences, one of them was joining STAMANARA, dance community in Binus University, which now becomes my second family. Well, sometimes I did curious of that UI thing, I might have a different life, a totally different one, I just wondered how would my life be. Anyway, I did not regret my choices, because somehow I learned many things in good and bad things. I should be graduated in 2011 but I didn't and will do my thesis next semester, because I was too busy with my activities, I really love dancing that time, and I would choose dancing than any other things, included my friends and my family. That's the only thing I regret, ever, I grew apart from my family, my friends, everything, it's like I lived in bubbles, just me and my activities, I used to have activities (dancing of course, whether it's practice or show) from morning until 12 pm. That time, I really thought that 24 hours was not enough, I need another hour! but then, an accident came up, motorcycle accident, I couldn't walked for a month, got a lot stitches on my thigh, that was when I realize that I need to pay attention to other people, especially people who cared, like my family and some friends, I also find out who's gonna be there when I went down and it was amazing. That accident somehow changed me into what I am today, I don't bite my nails anymore, cleaner, still love dancing, have a spare time to read, I don't do morning till 12 pm anymore and now big surprise, I LOVE COOKING! didn't know I would ever like it. and also I really do like korean music, movies and series, later will talk about that.
me with my mother <3 

Well I think this is it! this is my first writing and just for introducing (a little big long ^___^) later, I'll use this blog to speak my mind, there are, like a THOUSAND or maybe million things or issue I would like to share. byeyeom ^^